The public roadmap for Cluster and this web site are outlined below. If Bunch gets new features, I will likely look at adding support where possible for those features when time permits. There are no committed timelines for any of the features, Cluster being one of several projects I have.



  • Cluster web site search action.
  • Fix for debug level setting - dependent on bunch fix.
  • Fix for preserve open bunches setting - dependent on bunch fix.
  • Snippets to aid bunch building.
  • Switch Bunch Search to use Duck Duck Go rather than Google site search once DDG results are available.
  • Manual backup management for bunch files.
  • Add more diagnostic tooling.
  • Add version checking.
  • Support for creation of bunches in sub-folders.
  • Support for managing frontmatter files.


  • Initial release.

Known Limitations

The following are known limitations and are currently no plans to address them.

  • Dynamically generated front matter is not accounted for. Only static YAML is being utilised. So if you generate any titles, tags, etc. Cluster is unaware of those right now as it is not doing any on-the-fly evaluation.



  • Add deeper explanations of the flows with external triggers.


  • Initial web site.

Submit Your Ideas

If you have any ideas for what you would like to see added to the workflow or the web site, reach out to me via Mastodon (, or the Automators community forum. While there is no guarantee of addition, I am always open to suggestions.

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