Bunch Locations


You can use the switch bunches path flow to switch the folder path used by Bunch to locate bunches.


This setting is used to specify a set of folder names and locations where bunches can be found. This allows the user to trigger a flow which will list these available location names, and upon selection the Bunch app will switch to using the appropriate set of bunches.

Technical Details

This setting is used directly by an Alfred script filter, and so it follows the Alfred script filter JSON structure for defining the list content.

The JSON passed to the script filter consists of a single wrapper object containing an array of list items as JSON objects against the items key.

A single item might be defined something like this:

  • uid: a unique ID - you can just give this the name you would like to identify the bunch file location as in your list.
  • title: the name you would like to identify the bunch file location as in your list
  • subtitle: some text to display under the title - I find putting the file path for the bunches folder is a good choice.
  • arg: this must be set to the file path for the bunches folder.
  • icon: this is the icon to use.

BONUS: Bundled Icons

Cluster includes a number of icons you can use in your own definitions. Usage is shown in the example below, and the available icon files are:

  • bunch.png
  • bunch_blue.png
  • bunch_pink.png
  • bunch_purple.png
  • bunch_red.png
  • bunch_teal.png

Here is an example set of settings that you can use as the basis for your own settings.

{"items": [
		"uid": "Personal",
		"title": "Personal Bunches",
		"subtitle": "/Users/stephen/Documents/Bunches",
		"arg": "/Users/stephen/Documents/Bunches",
			"path": "./bunch.png"
		"uid": "Work",
		"title": "Work Bunches",
		"subtitle": "/Users/stephen/Documents/Bunches_Work",
		"arg": "/Users/stephen/Documents/Bunches_Work",
			"path": "./bunch_blue.png"
		"uid": "Test",
		"title": "Bunches for Testing Bunch",
		"subtitle": "/Users/stephen/Documents/Bunches_Testing",
		"arg": "/Users/stephen/Documents/Bunches_Testing",
			"path": "./bunch_red.png"

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