Custom URL

As well as being used for a custom flow, external triggers in Cluster can be triggered in other ways, including via URL. URL calls are one of the quickest and easiest ways you can tie Cluster functionality to other actions. For example an Elgato Stream Deck button, a midi key via Keyboard Maestro, or a trackpad gesture with Better Touch Tool

As for the custom flow example, let us assume that we are using Cluster to toggle between the Bunch app and the Bunch app beta, but that we want to use some other physical trigger to toggle a bunch based on whichever app we have opted to control. Here we can simply utilise the URL scheme that Alfred makes available to trigger the flow associated with the External Trigger, specifying the argument as the name of the bunch we wish to toggle. In the example URL below, this is “Work”.


Setting this is as the URL to open when something is triggered means that it will then toggle the “Work” bunch using whichever app (Bunch or Bunch beta) that Cluster is configured to use at that time,

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