Custom Flow

External triggers can be used for your own workflows so that you can utilise the functionality in Cluster in your own automations.

For example, if you are using Cluster to toggle between the Bunch app and the Bunch app beta, you may find it useful to have a hotkey to toggle a bunch based on whichever app you have opted to control. Rather than tying things to the Bunch URL scheme for one app or the other of having to build your own additional logic you can create a super simple flow of your own that utilises one of Cluster’s external triggers.

Here we start with a new blank workflow and add two blocks. The first is the Hotkey trigger, and to this we connect a Call External Trigger block.


The Hotkey block can be configured with any hotkey you like. Here I have it set to hyperkey1 + 7, and the text to pass through to the next step to be “Work”, the name of the bunch I want to toggle.

Hotkey settings

The Call External Trigger block is configured to call the toggleBunch flow in the Cluster workflow (its workflow ID being com.thoughtasylum.cluster). It is important to note that the ‘Pass input as argument’ option is enabled as this will then pass through the text “Work”, from the Hotkey block into the flow in Cluster.

Call External Trigger settings

Regardless of which app is set to be used, this custom flow will then use that app to toggle the “Work” bunch.

  1. A hyperkey is a setup whereby you remap your Caps Lock key to be the equivalent of SHIFT + CONTROL + OPTION + COMMAND

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