The external trigger-based flows can be loosely grouped as follows.

Control Bunches

External Trigger ID Description
openBunch Open a bunch by file base name
closeBunch Close a bunch by file base name
toggleBunch Toggle a bunch by file base name
editBunch Edit a bunch by file base name
editLastModified Edit last modified bunch
archiveBunch Archive the specified bunch
restoreArchive Restore the specified archived bunch
bunchDeleteNoConfirm Delete the specified bunch without getting the user to confirm
bunchDeleteConfirm Delete the specified bunch after getting the user to confirm

Control Tags

External Trigger ID Description
openTag Open tagged bunches by tag name
closeTag Close tagged bunches by tag name
toggleTag Toggle tagged bunches by tag name

Control Bunch

External Trigger ID Description
refreshBunch Force refresh Bunch
quitBunch Quit Bunch app
restartBunch Quit and then start the Bunch app
revealBunch Reveal bunches folder in Finder
preferencesBunch Open Bunch’s settings/preferences

Bunch Creation

External Trigger ID Description
bunchEmpty Create a new empty bunch file
bunchCloneExample Create a copy of the app’s standard Example bunch
bunchCloneExisting Create a copy of an existing bunch 1
bunchNew Create a new empty bunch file
bunchCopyApps Copy the current running app names into a list to paste into an existing bunch … or elsewhere

Cluster Preferences

External Trigger ID Description
toggleApp Toggle control of Bunch/Bunch Beta

Bunch Preferences

External Trigger ID Description
togglePrefToggleBunches Toggle the toggle bunches mode
togglePrefSingleBunchMode Toggle the single bunch mode
togglePrefPreserveOpenBunches Toggle the preserve bunches mode
setPrefDebugLevel Set the debug level
setPrefConfigDir Set the configuration directory

Bunch Information (Fetch)

External Trigger ID Description
fetchAppName Return the name of the Bunch app to control
fetchFolderPath Load a workspace into the Drafts app with the specified name
fetchBunches Return the list of bunch names

Flow End

External Trigger ID Description
end Called at the end of each flow
  1. The base file name of the bunch to copy must be specified in {var:selectedBunch} 

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